Annis Cassells, MA
Life Coach, Speaker, Writer


"Making connections with Annis … The conversation between the two of you flows … you find yourself talking to her as if you had known her your entire life.” 

~ J.O., middle school teacher
"I have struggled with a disability for many years, but the latest progression left me angry and frustrated. I met with Annis, and she gave me some guidelines for decision making when it came to participating in events that were above and beyond my abilities. Thank you, Annis, these guidelines have definitely made life less frustrating for me."

~ A.M., Bakersfield

Individual Life Coaching

As a Life Coach, my passion is providing assistance to people who are ready to make a shift in their lives but need help from an objective professional about how to get there.

That’s what coaching is: professionally-assisted life change. It’s action-oriented, beginning where you are, with eyes and behaviors focused on your future and the goals you’ve set.

I’ve coached clients whose goals and successes have included

  • ·         creating work-life balance
  • ·         setting goals and staying on track to reach them
  • ·         moving to a healthier lifestyle, resulting in improved energy, health and fitness
  • ·         becoming unstuck in a toxic workplace environment
  • ·         improving study skills for job advancement exams
  • ·         increasing accountability in daily life


During coaching with me, you will experience real conversations, where I

  • ·        actually listen -- and hear what you say
  • ·        ask questions with one objective - helping you find the answers within yourself
  • ·        have no preconceived notions or agendas
  • ·        keep every word confidential

In a short time, you will begin to make connections with yourself and with those most important to you. You will begin to take focused actions immediately, moving along on your path of positive change and gaining momentum. It’ll be work, and I will hold you accountable. That’s my job as your coach. And, I will be in your corner, working alongside you to help you make your aspirations become reality.

I offer individual 60-minute sessions by phone and in person, both with email support.

Call 661-619-3359 or write to me at to schedule your free 30-minute consultation. During that time, we can get to know each other a bit, and you can get a sense of my coaching style. We can also see if we are a good match.


On-Site Coaching in the Workplace

 I offer an appropriate, comfortable coaching situation which allows staff members the opportunity for real conversations in which those who need to be heard can be without fear of repercussions from employees or co-workers. 

On-site coaching is an avenue for dealing with common workplace issues or with secondary, or vicarious, trauma.  Talking over professional or personal matters eases burnout and stress, builds confidence and skills, and leads to a better working and learning atmosphere.  We will work out a schedule that allows time for employees who wish to have access to brief coaching sessions.  Confidentiality is assured and bound by the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

On-site coaching is a particularly effective way for businesses and organizations to which I have delivered seminars or workshops to provide employee follow-up and coaching in the desired skills and behaviors presented. New learning takes practice, with coaching in a safe, professional atmosphere. On-site follow-up coaching can provide this type of environment.


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